ФОМО create events where people are free to express themselves sexually and through their choice of clothes for the evening. 
ФОМО is a club where people of all gender, sexuality and social backgrounds are present.
Everyone who attend our events shall feel safe; this is our responsibility as hosts but also yours as a participant.
By attending and purchasing tickets for our events you agree to the following:
- A No is always a No
- Consent can only be given through words, nothing else
- We are at liberty to reject anyone entrance if you are intoxicated or behave in an improper manner
- We may expel any participant from the event. This will happen through our observation or by another participant's request. Actions
which might cause a removal is for example groping, any oppressing acts, threats, violence.
- No photos are allowed by the guests. We may hire a professional photographer who will only take pictures with your consent, 
and shoot promotional videos so that individuals are not recognised. 
- Inform us if you see anyone breaking these rules. We are always here for you.